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See age group chart at bottom of page if unsure of which class is right for your child

SuperKids Program

Where Future Champions Train, Play, and Grow


SuperKids program is a developmental soccer program focused on helping each individual player improve their skill and understanding of the game. SuperKids is ideal for players seeking to advance their soccer skills through supplemental training opportunities.

All players must register for their correct age group (see chart below)!

If you are not sure about which age group your child should be in, please review the age group chart below.

Kids can wear tennis shoes or soccer cleats to the sessions.  Soccer balls are provided in sessions, but kids are welcome to bring their own.


Age Group Chart

Birth Year Age Group (thru May 2019) Age Group (Starting June 2019)
2016 U3 U4
2015 U4 U5
2014 U5 U6
2013 U6 U7
2012 U7 U8
2011 U8 U9
2010 U9 U10
2009 U10 U11
2008 U11 U12
2007 U12 U13
2006 U13 U14
2005 U14 U15
2004 U15 U16
2003 U16 U17
2002 U17 U18
2001 U18 U19
2000 U19 U20

If a class does not work with your schedule, instead of sitting at home, get a group of friends together and SuperKick will create a group just for you. Yes, your own SuperKids class! Contact us to set up your class today!

Questions about the programs?

Please CONTACT the SuperKids Director. 


SuperKick Support

Phone: 7406578888