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Sports Performance Training

SuperKick specializes in creating customized training programs for our 1-on-1, small groups, and teams ranging from 1 to 60 athletes.  Our athletes can train within our Sports Performance Training Programming or Privately with a Coach to help them reach their athletic potential.  These programs have been proven to meet the training needs of our players and teams of all ages, no matter what their ability or training levels are, our training programs will meet their training needs and goals.

SuperKick Injury Prevention Clinic's

Every 2-months we will be presenting on a new topic for our Injury Prevention Clinic's.  Our main goal is to be able to provide highly educational and informative topics to our Lewis Center Community athletes on specific types of injuries they could see during any sport season and how to lower the chances of those happening by using proper programing and training techniques during all phases of a player's season.

The next Clinic is being planned currently!

ACL Prevention Program - Summer

To help support our Athletes in maintaining a strong and healthy body for sport we are offering our First Ever ACL Prevention Program to help reduce the risk of injury and allow our athletes to have quick dynamic confident cuts and jumps while playing sport.  

Our prevention program consists of three distinct components: a dynamic warm-up, a strengthening regimen and a plyometric training series. This protocol targets the muscles of the lower extremity that help support the knee. The progressive nature of our program ensures the athlete establishes the balanced muscle strength necessary to execute proper jumping mechanics. The initial focus on strength reduces the risk of kneecap pain that can be associated with early plyometric training programs. Our program then builds off these strength gains and progresses toward a comprehensive plyometric program simulating sport specific movement patterns. By promoting gains in strength, coordination and power, this program is designed to improve your team’s athletic performance and reduce their risk of an ACL injury.  

Program Details
     - 6-week Program    
     - 2-days a week Tuesday and Thursday's                
                      - Starts Tuesday June 21, 2022                
                      - Ends Thursday July 28, 2022    
     - 30-minute sessions                
                      - 6:45pm sessions start    
     - Training sessions at SuperKick Sport Court    
     - Wear Tennis Shoes    
     - Cost is $150 for 12 sessions (preferred to get full benefit of program) or $15.00 per single session    
     - Questions contact Director of Fitness Brian Bishop 

Signup Here - ACL Prevention Program

Performance Training Programming

Speed and Agility Training 

Our  Speed and Agility Training Programming is made up of training phases.  Within these training phases an athlete will be taken from someone that isn't sure or confident with what or how they are supposed to move through space to someone that has the mentality and physical capabilities to be successful now.  Phase 1 works on the basics of movement and understanding of what their body is doing and should be doing so they will be as efficient as possible.  Phase 2 takes it to the next level by coaching the athletes how to not only how to accelerate and decelerate properly but also react to a variety of cues given to them by the coach during drills, while making them highly confident mentally and physically with what they can do and therefore pushed 100% during those final drills in training..               

*Looking for a training time that we don't have listed for your athlete email Director of Fitness about further training opportunities!

4-Week Program for Phase 1 - Biomechanics & Form

- Ages 7-13 year old's

                        - 4-Week series with sessions 2x's a week
                        - Start Date: June 6, 2022 to June 30, 2022
                        - Times: Monday's at 2:30pm and Thursday's at 2:30pm

                        - Location SuperKick on Basketball Court
                        - 1:20 athletes 
                        - Cost: $140 for 8-sessions or $20 a single session
                        - Length: 60-minute sessions
                        - Sign-up Here - 4-week Phase I Training


             - Ages 14-18+ year old's

                        - 4-Week series with sessions 2x's a week
                        - Start Date: June 6, 2022 to June 30, 2022
                        - Times: Monday's at 11:00am and Thursday's at 11:30am

                        - Location SuperKick on Basketball Court
                        - 1:20 athletes 
                        - Cost: $140 for 8-sessions or $20 a single session
                        - Length: 60-minute session
                        - Sing-up Here - 4-week Phase I Training

                        - This series will repeat for the month of July 2022 for both age groups

- We focus on the small details within Phase 1 that ends up making the biggest impact in your performance while running and making dynamic moves on the playing surface.  The details that we want to instill in our athletes here are body control -proper body lean in and out of moves and joints being properly stacked so we do not waste time getting in and out of a move, correct arm drive, foot placement, knee drive, rate of controlled breathing, and proper CORE/trunk stabilization.  We will spend time correcting these potential alignment issues by strengthening your knowledge of how to correctly align yourself to move in the most efficient manner.  This will then build a strong foundation that we can build off of during the following Speed & Agility Sessions.           

Phase 2 - Reactive Speed and Agility

  - Ages 8-13 year old's

           - May to August Training Sessions on Tuesday's and Thursday's
               - 5/3/22 to 8/31/22Training Session Times are as follows
                                    -Tuesdays at 5:30pm
                                    -Thursdays at 5:30pm
               - At SuperKick on Basketball Court or Track (wear tennis shoes)
               - 1:15 athletes
               - Cost: $20 per athlete per session
               - 60 minutes


 - Ages 14-18 year old's

          - May to August 2022 Training Sessions on Tuesday's and Thursday's
             - 5/3/22 to 8/31/22 training times as follows
                                   - Tuesday's at 4:30p
                                    - Thursday's at 4:30p
              - At SuperKick on Basketball Court or Track (wear tennis shoes)
              - 1:15 athletes
              - Cost: $20 per athlete per session   
              - 60 minutes
              - Sign Up Here!!!

- We focus on adding in sport-specific movements to our training sessions to simulate game like movements.  If you are going to train hard you must train in a responsible way that translates to whatever sport, you will be playing. We will be using a combination of partner drills, reaction drills, and sport specific drills that will challenge you but at the same time preparing you for that next phase.         

Speed Conditioning Workouts

This New Speed Conditioning Series is designed to help our athletes become not only faster but also increase their endurance so they can perform at their highest-level during sport.  

Speed is one of the most important traits to have as an athlete in any sport.  No matter the position you play you must be quick enough on your feet to challenge a player on defense or attack while playing offense.  So, this programming will be all about focusing on accelerating pushing driving and a quick foot turnover to become faster on the field.  We will also be looking for the athlete to create a good base of aerobic conditioning they can pull from for when they are in season. 

- Sessions Start - June 6, 2022, to July 25, 2022
- Session Times - Monday and Fridays
                                                     - 7–13-year old's at 12:00p
                                                     - 14-18+ year old's at 10:00a
- Location - SuperKick Court or Track
- Shoes - Wear tennis shoes unless notified of other possibility
- Cost - $20 a single session             
               - $150 for 8 sessions             
               - $240 for 15 sessions

Age Groups - 7-13 year old's Sign-Up Here
                            - 14-18+ year old's Sign-Up Here

Strength Training

Our programming for strength training is designed around 3 phases.  Phase 1 is the most important phase because we build our foundation of knowledge and understanding here.  Which then allows us to safely push our athletes harder in their following training.  Phase 2 is the implementation of a progression strength program designed to build muscular strength and endurance in our athletes.  Phase 3 training sessions are designed around functional strength exercises that will challenge the athletes' bodies to make sure it is ready for on the field play.

Phase 1 - Foundation Building

        - Ages 8-18 year old's
                  - Starts On - June 6, 2022 to July 28th, 2022
                  - Monday's at 1:30pm and Thursday's at 3:30

                    - At SuperKick in Strength Zone
                    - 1:10 Athletes
                    - Cost: $20 per athlete per session

                       - 60 minutes

                    - Sign Up For Sessions Here!

- During this Strength Training Phase, we will focus on teaching and educating players on the correct lifting techniques, flexibility, mobility, and nutritional guidance.  By combining these training techniques and instilling the knowledge of proper execution your body and mind will be better receptive to the training, so you will have a great foundation to build off of for future training programs.

Private 1on1 or Small Group Training Sessions

-  Is your athlete looking to get Bigger Faster Stronger so they can compete at a higher level during their upcoming season?  If you answered YES then contact us and we will design build and implement the correct training program so your athlete can compete at their highest level possible! 

  • One of our trainers will sit down and design a program personally for you based on the sport, position you will be playing and what time of year your speed or strength training program will take place compared to when your In Season schedule is.

CLICK HERE to contact us about starting your private training!


Cancellation Policy - A 24 hour notice must be given if you are unable to attend a your session.  If you cancel your session before the 24 hour time frame your session cost will be refunded or you can reschedule your session as soon as possible.  Cancellations within 24 hours are non-refundable.  

Classes offered subject to change through the month.  # of class options may vary based on time of year.

Looking for more program information CLICK HERE