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Fitness Membership

Our one year fitness memberships are geared towards allowing your athlete to develop their overall fitness through a wide variety of classes. 

Our memberships offer you unlimited year long access to our fitness classes for ages 9-18. We will be offering two unique membership options to best fit your athlete’s needs and wants!

CLICK HERE to contact us for more information!

Baseline Assessment

Upon purchase of the fitness membership, the fitness director will reach out to you individually to schedule a complimentary one on one session to determine baseline numbers. 

This assessment will consist of multiple different tests based on your athletes age, skill level, sport, and ability.

Tests may include but not limited to: 40 yard dash, pro-agility, 300m sprint, max squat test, max bench press, max dead lift test, plank test, grip strength, wall sit, etc.

Every 3-4 months, we will reach out to you again to get another session scheduled to show your athletes improvements!

For questions regarding this baseline assessment, please CLICK HERE to schedule your one on one or if you have questions!