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Adult Health & Fitness

Welcome to SuperKick and your Adult Health & Fitness Programs!

We focus on creating a healthy life style by focusing on educating or clients so they have a proper understanding of what being biomechanically correct means, a better understanding of nutritional guidelines, cardiovascular health, strength training principles and increasing the confidence of our participating clients through direct interaction with one of our trainers.

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Slam Ball - Sign Up Now!!!


Looking for that “Real Feel” training program that correlates to your everyday actives?  Slam Ball will work every muscle group in your body helping you gain strength power explosiveness and increase your cardiovascular endurance all at the same time.  Allowing you to effectively take on the everyday challenges that life brings your way.  

What are the benefits?

We will utilize a variety of exercises that will allow us to target your shoulders, triceps, pecs, back, biceps, legs, and most importantly your core.  By incorporating  explosive movements in our program we will be able to build powerful strong lean muscle on your bodies (don't worry not BULKY muscle) to where we are increasing your metabolism, resulting in less body fat! 

Who is Slam Ball for?

Just about anyone can participate, no matter who you are, if you can pick up a ball you can take Slam Ball.  We do ask if you have major shoulder and or back injuries to be safe and skip this workout as to not place more strain on those injuries.

Sessions Offered - 30 minutes in length 

              Monday's at 8:00am and 12:30pm

              Tuesday's at 12:30

              Thursdays at 8:00am, 3:00pm

Interested in Slam Ball email or call Brian Bishop at or (office)740-657-8888 or (cell) 419-631-1635

Adult Private Personal Training

Here at SuperKick, we have a Private Training Studio where we can focus on you the client without any interruptions from other outside influences while your session is going.  However, if we need more space we still have our entire training facility to take advantage of, that way your training program is designed to the fullest and specifically for you.

New Clients begin training here with:

  • Free consultation session
  • Comprehensive medical history
  • Functional movement screening
  • Postural Analysis 
  • Strength Testing
  • Training program discussion
  • Personal discuss about you

Adult Private Training Sessions Offered:

Private 1on1 - 

  •     Sessions will take place in our newly renovated Training Room , this allows the client and trainer to be able to privately focus on your needs only during the session. 
  •     Training in a private space has shown clients have better success in their programs as they are more open to pushing themselves harder without feeling judged and also their knowledge increases because they better understand the what and why's of the program.

Small Groups (2-4 Clients) - 

  •     Sessions can either take place in our Training Room, Weight Room/Track, or on one of the playing surfaces. 
  •     These groups are usually put together by the clients because of their close friendships, goals are relatively the same, or their medical/orthopedic issues are closely related. 
  •  Allows the trainer to seamlessly design a program that will benefit and challenge each client within that small group.


Click Here for more information and pricing on private personal training.


Personal Trainers

Brian Bishop - Adult Fitness Coach

I am Brian Bishop the Director of Fitness at SuperKick Columbus, where I oversee the implementation of our training guidelines and principles for our adult and youth fitness programs.
I have worked in the fitness industry for 13+ years, in roles where I have helped educate, guide, and mold our youth into being better athletes and adults into stronger more mobile versions of themselves.  I have been lucky to work within SuperKick for the last 9 years and am excited to be able to help guide our staff and more importantly our youth and adults in the community to become healthier individuals. 
I am originally from the Galion, Ohio area but now reside in Lewis Center with my wonderful family, wife Amy and our 3 kids Bennett, Samuel and Addison.  I graduated from Otterbein College with a degree in Health Promotion and Fitness where my passion grew for wanting to help individuals become better versions of themselves. 
Our family loves anything OSU related GO BUCKS and our newfound passion for Dinosaurs because of our 2 boys and now Pink Tutus for Addison.
Please email or go to and I will help you in any way possible!
Sklogoswhere champions train  play  and grow
Sklogoswhere champions train  play  and grow