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Tony Earp Soccer Academy

Tony Earp - Director

Tony has a Masters in Education from The Ohio State University, is a State Certified teacher, and is a USSF C License coach. Tony was a standout player both academically and athletically at The Ohio State University, earning multiple honors both on the field and in the classroom. Tony's achievements included 2nd Team All Big Ten in 2001 and 2002, serving as Captain in 2002. Tony was named Most Inspirational Player in 2001 and 2002, as well as achieving Scholar Athlete status in those same years. Tony was a member of the 2002 MLS Draft Pool. After playing, Tony was a history teacher at Licking Valley High School in 2005 and at Dublin Scioto High School in 2006. In 2007, Tony Earp accepted a position at SuperKick as the Director of Soccer Training where he continues to serve as the Senior Director of Training managing programs, establishing training curriculums, and coaching athletes. Tony was the Head Coach for Hilliard Bradley High School boys soccer program in 2009 and 2010. In addition, Tony is a Director for Classics Eagles FC and is the Director of the SuperKick Classics Juniors Academy. With 10 years of coaching experience, Tony has developed a reputation of being a coach who motivates players to expect more from themselves and creates a training environment conducive to developing high level players.

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    • Over 70 articles related to youth soccer and player development.
  • Training Videos by Tony Earp: YouTube Page
    • 400 home training activities for youth players.

TESA "FLUID" Elite Soccer Training

Curriculum designed specifically to meet the demands of the modern game. Players must be "FLUID" on the ball in order to play at the speed required to be successful while maintaining control of the ball. An intense training program that challenges a player's ability to be dynamic and explosive with the ball, and very efficient with the movement of their body.

  • Fast
  • Loose
  • Under Control
  • Improvised
  • Deceptive


TESA Elite FLUID Training

TESA Special Topic Clinics

The entire session is dedicated to one specific skill to provide players with many opportunities to practice that skill in game situations to improve their ability and confidence in these areas of their game.

  • Finishing: Players work on proper technique and the awareness needed to score goals in game situations.
  • One Versus One: Players work on ability to be effective in 1-on-1 situations.


TESA 1v1 & Finishing Clinics

TESA Elite Winter Training Program

Tony Earp Soccer Academy offers winter training programs for elite level players who are looking for high level, small group, training in the off-season. Program for premier level players. Programs begin in November and run through March. Click age group below for program days and times.

TESA - Foot Skills Sessions

The entire session is dedicated to improving each player's foot speed and control of the ball and being able to move the ball with different parts of the feet. All activities are one player with one ball to maximize touches on the ball during the training session.


TESA $5 Foot Skills Clinic

TESA Individual, Small Group, or Team Training

Rates are per session. Training days and times based on availability.

  • 1 to 4 Player: $100

  • More than 4 players or team? E-mail for pricing and program options!

To Schedule: E-mail Tony Earp at

About the Program & Schedules

The Tony Earp Soccer Academy is for players WHO WANT MORE and are dedicated to taking their game to the next level. The curriculum is designed for premier level players who are ready for an advanced training platform needed to continue to develop their skill level.

  • All training sessions are run in a small group format to provide many opportunities to work on skill movements and to use those skills in game situations in a competitive environment.

  • Developing technically superior players with exceptional game awareness is the primary goal of every session.

  • Coach Tony will break down skill movements to ensure players do the simple "little things" correctly that can make a huge impact to their ability to succeed on the soccer field..."Small actions, repeated over time, transform us."- The Talent Code

  • Players will be expected to play beyond their comfort zone, take risks, and expect more from themselves while having fun.

  • Supplemental home training activities will be provided for players in the Tony Earp Soccer Academy.


Please contact Tony Earp for additional information about the programs:

Phone: 740-657-8888 Ext 203